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Environments that delight, educate, and entertain.

Every museum exhibit tells a story, and we specialize in creating environments that bring those stories to life in compelling, imaginative, and memorable ways.  Whether you’re planning a new installation or refurbishing an existing exhibit, we can help you bring your vision to life.

For more than 50 years, we’ve helped leading museums, zoos, science centers, libraries, and institutions showcase their collections, attract new audiences, and educate new generations of visitors.


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At Dimensional Communications, we understand that designing and building museum exhibits requires a special level of insight, commitment, and expertise.  Our skilled engineers and craftspeople will translate your concept from the page into three dimensions.  We can provide archival specialists trained in handling, mounting, and preserving your priceless artifacts.  We’ll handle all of the complexity of concealing wires and mechanics, and make the exhibit fit perfectly into your space.  And we’ll install quickly and cleanly, to minimize noise and disruption.

While we work to preserve the past, we’re also helping point the way to the future, with hands-on, interactive exhibits that amaze and entertain young and old alike.


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