DCI’s booth for USAI Lighting at Lightfair ’14: A case study in how we save money, build business, and deliver a “wow!” factor for our clients

DCI’s booth for USAI Lighting at Lightfair ’14: A case study in how we save money, build business, and deliver a “wow!” factor for our clients

By Doug Fixell / President / Dimensional Communications

dougBack in June, we headed out to Las Vegas for the 2014 Lightfair International trade show to construct a booth that we created for USAI Lighting, a manufacturer of cutting edge lighting products. Francis Murphy (FPM Design LLC) was hired by USAI to design the booth, and before we began building it in our Mahwah, NJ facility, he told us our mission:

  • Effectively communicate USAI’s family of products.
  • Establish the brand as a major player in the LED down lighting market.


The booth was initially intended to be hard-paneled, but we suggested using silicone-edged tensioned fabric panels instead. This brought down the production and assembly costs, and dramatically reduced the booth’s weight. We also integrated multimedia into the booth using our proprietary multi-touch software suite on interactive kiosks. This added a dynamic, high tech element that drew in attendees and was cost-effective for USAI.

The booth that we delivered for USAI brought excellent results for the company, including:

  • Almost $50,000 in cost savings
  • Inquiries that led to multiple new business deals for USAI

Bonnie Littman, President of USAI, was thrilled with the outcome. She said that we did an “absolutely incredible job on the design and execution” of the booth, and that our team was great in helping them to maximize their dollars.

Francis Murphy was also impressed. He felt that our interpretation of his design achieved his original goals for the booth. He was also “surprised by how well the fabric panels and interactive kiosks worked together” and he felt that “the harmony of materials and technology allowed the products to shine.”

How did we do it? Along with hard work from our talented team, it all really came down to listening closely and thinking smart.

When we first learned USAI’s goals for the booth, we got our team together and devised a variety of construction scenarios that were consistent with what Francis and USAI were seeking to achieve. Our ability to present fresh alternatives, inventive ideas, and new ways of approaching the project allowed us to offer exciting choices to USAI that exceeded what they thought was possible, both creatively and budget-wise. This innovative and client-focused methodology delivered an eye-catching, engaging booth that saved USAI money, and also helped to develop new business opportunities for them.

Take a look at the video of our booth construction, the booth’s presentation at Lightfair International, and thoughts about our work from USAI.