Project Orange on a Deadline

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Project Orange on a Deadline

by Kevin Taylor, Account Manager, Dimensional Communications

Officially, it was Project Juniper but we called it Project Orange. The fabric wall, the carpeting, the paint all had to be the same shade of orange. The client? We weren’t told. The dates? They kept changing. The venues? Those changed, too.

“When The Imagination Group asked us to construct the backdrop, an oval presentation platform, reception desks and other components for a three-city presentation only several weeks hence, our team quickly got to work,” says Kevin Taylor, Account Manager. “And, yes, that orange color made us suspect that the client was Alibaba, the largest e-commerce company in China, which was preparing for what would be the biggest IPO in history. The components we were building would be used in Alibaba presentations to be held in hotels in New York, Boston and San Francisco prior to the IPO on September 18.”

DCI also handled installation and dismantling for the project–another tight schedule, with installation beginning no earlier than 5 pm on the day before a presentation, and dismantling completed before midnight on the day of the presentation.

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The first piece to be set up was the 10-foot-high backdrop, or video projection screen, so that the AV vendors could get in and do their jobs.  To speed up the process, the large backdrops were completed in-house.  Because the New York and Boston presentations were to be on consecutive days, DCI constructed two backdrops, with the New York backdrop to be air-freighted to San Francisco after the first presentation.

Problems arose when trying to get those backdrops into hotel freight elevators or up hotel staircases.  We had guys out in the street taking apart the backdrop frames so we could move the stuff inside. And the clock kept ticking.  We wanted to complete set-up, with all AV systems operational, by 5:00am because at 7- or 8:00 in the morning we had a walk-through with a team from Alibaba and Imagination.

Bottom line?  The client was very happy and the presentations on September 8, 9, and 12 went extremely well.  It was pretty cool to see our work out there on websites and in other media…but it was also pretty cool catching up on a week of missed sleep!