Memorable Messaging…Worldwide

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Memorable Messaging…Worldwide

By Bob Sneed, Vice President of Multimedia Technologies Dimensional Communications, Inc.

When 180,000 employees around the world checked in for the webcast of Schneider Electric’s Leadership Forum in Paris, little did they expect to be WOWed. But WOWed they were, as Schneider Electric did its first webcast using its groundbreaking VIEW, or Virtual Interactive Engagement Wall. The 40-foot-long, 10-foot high wall houses seven touchscreen monitors that together present the corporate brand in a consistent, easy to maintain, relevant and highly engaging way.

Yes, an objective of the presentation was to excite the employees. More importantly, it was to ensure that wherever in the world they are, the employees understand and appreciate the broad range of products and services offered by Schneider Electric. This, in turn, will enable the employees to offer a complete, consistent message to customers in their local regions.

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Dimensional Communications (DCI) designed and engineered the 40-foot video wall, using DCI’s Diamond System, (our custom tension fabric line). We also provided all the necessary video and computer hardware as well as doing the on-site systems integration. Multiple site visits were needed to get the project in place and to make sure it had the proper support. We also had to coordinate with a variety of people, including our tech installer and our construction partner, both of whom are headquartered in Amsterdam. But this was one of the reasons we were chosen for the project: we really have a proven history of doing things internationally.

Schneider Electric’s next step is to sell the VIEW internally to its business centers around the world, rolling it out to potentially hundreds of locations where industry officials, government officials and other customers can discover the corporate story and dive deeper into specific themes and offers. All the content is cloud based and centrally managed, so employees can access the most up-to-date stories in multiple languages.

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DCI is now constructing a fabric wall to be installed in Schneider Electric’s Copenhagen office within the next month or so. But as nice as fabric looks, it’s not necessarily the best choice for every physical location. Yet we want to create something that maintains a consistent look across locations and requires minimal set-up. As a result, our designers have come up with a modular wall that has a sturdy metal housing, is self-contained, and can be rolled into a facility. This version can be as small as two screens, as large as seven. As in Paris—and international sites in the future—DCI will coordinate technical set-up and other work with members of its worldwide network of partners. In the U.S., DCI staff members will handle installation.

It’s a great project—one that we’ve enjoyed but more importantly one that is successfully meeting the client’s goals. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” said Lorna Breault-Snyder, Director of International Customer Engagement Centers at Schneider Electric. “It has been an inspiration to work with you, and I thank you for all you have done to bring this vision to life. Let’s keep it going in 2015!”