Helping AMEX Spread the Word

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 Helping AMEX Spread the Word

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By Robert Galbraith, Director of Account Management and IT Dimensional Communications, Inc.

Credit-card fraud: it keeps growing, annually accounting for many billions of dollars of losses for card issuers and merchants. But here comes the biggest overhaul in the credit card industry in some 40 years: switching from the magnetic credit card stripe to smart cards (also known as chip cards), which offer significantly greater security against fraud. Preparing business owners for the migration is the purpose of a national campaign launched in late February by American Express (AMEX).

Dimensional Communications, Inc. (DCI) was hired by New York’s Creative Collective Group (CCG) to create 3D concept rendering, graphics design, and multimedia based on that company’s initial concepts. The initiative included both an event space and a mobile display to be created by totally overhauling a 38-foot-long mobile home. In addition, DCI was tasked with designing, producing, and implementing multi-touch demonstration stations, as well as producing graphics and some of the furnishings for the campaign’s roll-out.

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The launch event, in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, introduced attendees to the American Express Fraud SquadSM—ambassadors who would go on to visit other cities to meet with merchants to discuss the advantages of the new point-of-sale technology. Throughout the room was DCI-created signage:  “Spreading the word about a more secure way to pay – The Fraud SquadSM.” Mullioned ‘store windows’ with large photos of people on the street suggested the interior of a store. And at POS payment terminals, which all retailers will need, we used our CAPTIVATE multi-touch software to craft touch-screen programs that walked attendees through the intricacies of the new technology.

Then attendees were asked to focus on the large garage doors behind the main stage. The doors were opened and—voila!—the revamped RV, designed inside and out by DCI, ready to take the Fraud SquadSM campaign on the road, complete with messaging, POS demo stations, and interactive multimedia.

Clear messaging is a critical part of any marketing strategy, particularly when a client is introducing a call-to-action that customers might find intimidating…and that messaging needs to focus on benefits to the buyers. DCI was proud to be a trusted partner of CCG on this event.